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Affedis have now published 18 important books of flamenco transcriptions covering modern and traditional flamenco styles which have received wide critical acclaim.

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Calle del Flamenco Volume 2 100 falsetas por Siguiriya NEW

Rafael Riqueni Sones y sueños flamencos

Danzas Arabes A selection of the most beautiful pieces in this style

Canciones populares antiguas Frederico Garcia Lorca y la guitarra

Enrique de Melchor Herencia gitana

Melchor de Marchena
El Duende gitano de Melchor de Marchena

El Niño Miguel Guitarra Gitana

Paco Cepero Aires de Triana

Soleá por medio, soleá for bulería Anthology

Serranito Inspiración flamenca

Sabicas Rey del Flamenco (with CD)

Niño Ricardo El Genio de Niño Ricardo (with CD)

Tomatito La Guitarra de Tomatito

Gerardo Núñez El arte de Gerardo Núñez

Moraíto Morao y Oro

Ramon Montoya Arte Clasico Flamenco

Pepe Habichuela Esencias

Keys to Fandango Guitar and cante

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Read a review of three Affedis books by Paul Magnussen that appeared in Classical Guitar Magazine.


What the critics say

"Alain Faucher knows, better than anyone else, how to master the art of transcribing flamenco into musical language... The pieces are transcribed up to the slightest detail, with the best attention to detail and care (and great clearness!)... What makes his musical notation and tablature so outstanding? First of all the extraordinary clearness of the notation, through the excellent layout of signs and spaces between notes, and a general aspect that nothing weighs down. The tablatures as well have a great clearness as the digits are not ruled by the lines..."

Oliver Farke (Akustik Gitarre)


"What did students of flamenco guitar do before the emergence of Alain Faucher's transcriptions... Thanks to Alain Faucher, guitarists can now access the compositions of all the maestros in a clear and accurate system of tablature and notation."

Marcos (Flamenco International Magazine)


"I found this collection (El Arte de Gerardo Nuñez) to be quality production from every angle... There is adequate and knowledgeable information regarding the techniques involved and the compositions themselves. I can categorically say that these transcriptions are some of the most interesting and exciting flamenco pieces I have had sent my way for a very long time."

Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar


"Alain Faucher has done a simply astounding job of transcribing what is some of the subtlest flamenco music around (Pepe Habichuela)... The explanatory notes on sound and technique give great insight into Pepe's unique technique."

Emma Martinez (Classical Guitar Magazine)


"Je continue a penser que les transcriptions d'Alain Faucher sont un modèle de precision et de clarté de lecture"

Richard Pascal, Paris


"Alain Faucher es un reconocido especialista de la guitarra flamenca, cuyos aspectos técnicos viene explicando en las páginas de la revista especializada mensual Les Cahiers de la Guitare"

Norberto Torres Cortés, (El Olivo)


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