Price List 2013

Don't forget you can choose one free piece (selected from our list of 19 FREE transcriptions) when you buy 3 or 4 transcriptions and two free pieces when you buy 5 or more transcriptions. Select your FREE pieces when you check out.

1. Transcriptions
and anthologies of falsetas
19 each including worldwide postage

Long Transcriptions marked with **
Paco del Gastor (Bulerias), Manuel Silveria (Alegrias dance accompaniment)

24 each including postage

Long Transcriptions marked with ***
Quique Paredes with Vincente Soto (Bulerias for cante accompaniment)
Ramon Amador (Solea dance accompaniment)
36 each including postage

2. Cassette Recording
We can provide a cassette recording of any of the trancriptions sold on this site for 14 including postage (maximum of 4 pieces per cassette). A cassette recording can also be made for pieces that are not taken from CD but were recorded at concerts and private sessions etc. You can tell us the names of the pieces you would like recording when you check out.

3. Music Books
Books without CD range from
36 to 43 including postage
Books which have accompanying CD 45 including postage

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